"Alone With the Beast"  11" x 14"  Digital  |  Based on the short story "A Wolf and Little Daughter" by Virginia Hamilton.

"Sea of Noise"  16" x 12"  Acrylic on canvas  |  Based on the Discover article "Scientists Learn to Hear What Fish Are Saying" by Helen Scales.

"8-bit Encounter"  14" x 11"  Digital

"Hey Joseph!"  8" x 10"  Acrylic and ink on canvas  

"Crud Spider"  14" x 14"  Acrylic on panel, digital  |  Used for Crud Spider's debut.

"Dreams in the Witch House"  13" x 10"  Digital  |  Based on HP Lovecraft's short story of the same name.

"Wanna Play?"  3.5" x 3.5"  Digital

"Isle of Life"  11" x 14"  Watercolor, ink

"Blue Heron"  12" x 12" (each)  Acrylic on panel, ink, digital  |  Used for Old Soul's final album.

"Midnight Rendezvous"  11" x 14"  Digital

"Dream State Park"  24" x 20"  Acrylic on wood

"Filth"  14" x 11"  Acrylic on canvas

"Floyd"  8" x 10"  Digital

"Rise"  11" x 17"  Ink, digital  |  Companion poster for Old Soul's final album.

"Happy Gnome Farm"  12" x 12"  Digital  |  Independent market garden logo.

Digital  |  Storybook Illustration used for "Halen & the Inspector" by Dianne Morey.

Digital  |  Storybook Illustration used for "Halen & the Inspector" by Dianne Morey.

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